Heatless Satin Curler
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Heatless Satin Curler

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Wake up to beautifully styled hair -without heat or damage • Create perfect waves and curls without the heat! • Simple to use and can be worn day or night. Our packaging shows step by step instructions to make it easy for the consumer to understand. Kit includes: 1 Satin heatless curler, 1 Hair clip, 2 satin scrunchies Why millions of women are switching? 1. Time saver- can be used overnight and wake up to beautifully styled hair 2. Super easy to use- we provide step by step instructions 3. No heat damage- traditional hot tools can cause your hair to become brittle and rough. 4. Protects your hair -Made with soft, silky satin material which glides through your hair without pulling or breakage. Unlike hot styling tools that can damage your hair, the heatless curler lets you get the look without the frizz. Now offered in Eco Friendly packaging!

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